July 19th, 2019

Vrijdag in Suriname.....

                                              Tomorrow is Zone Conference Time,

                                               How Exciting it will be,

                                               President and Sister Baird will bring,

                                               A Guest for us to see!

                                               Elder Alonzo is coming,

                                               His wisdom he will share,

                                               We are blessed to have them with us ,

                                               We are grateful for their care!

                                                So preparations are ongoing,

                                                For this Awesome weekend treat,

                                                For it will be a Special time.

                                                For  our Honoured Guest to greet.


July 18th, 2019

Donderdag in Suriname....

Elder Millard gets a Parcel and an envelope Elder Newton and Elder Millard

Elder Frandsen 
Elder Holthe

Elder Millard's bike is backfire repair... Elder Millard and Elder Newton

Elder Dilworth gets a parcel Elder Seffker and Elder Dilworth

Elder Merriman and Elder Wall

July 17th, 2019

Woensdag in Suriname.....

Elder Sampson Checking out a  Recipe book...
Elder Belnap Too! They are both excited to help with the cooking when they return home!

Elder Holthe
Elder Karssen and Elder Holthe
Elder Holthe, Elder Giordani, Elder Karssen, and Elder Frandsen
Zuster Spencer and Zuster McGuire

Elder Newton and Elder Millard

Incoming Ferm Cargo: Five Parcels:
Zuster Mergenthaler. Elder Frandsen, Elder Millard, Elder Wardle and Elder Dilworth

Elder Frandsen gets his parcel...