Oct 1st, 2019

2:30 am..
Farewell to Suriname! Thankyou to all all followers...

We will miss All the Amazing Missionaries and the Wonderful People of Suriname!!!

Serving a Senior Mission has been a Blessing for us, we Loved being Senior Missionaries!!!!

Tot Ziens Allemaal!


  1. O my goodness!! This makes me so sad for all those surinamers!! boy they are going to miss you!! so so so grateful for everything you've done! I love you guys!!

  2. I agree, I am very sad that your mission is over, I looked every day on your blog hoping to see Elder Hollingshead. It made it seem like he wasn't so far away!! Thank you for taking such good care of all the missionaries and for all the pictures! You will never know how happy it made this Mom!!

  3. Hello Couple Vermeer. Do you have an E-mail adress ?

    1. Hello Couple Vermeeren , we would like to keep in touch with you . From Serge , Sharmaine , Seth and Zoey Ip Vai Ching


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