February 11th, 2019

Maandag in Suriname....
P-Day in Suriname.....

Can't seem to get this video to work????? But they really did an amazing job learning the haake and yes, were hilarious!

First Valentines Day Cookie Delivery! 
(It is a little early but so many to deliver!)
Elder Frandsen and Elder Groenendijk

Elder Schwinger and Elder Roberts

Elder Schwinger and Elder Newton

Elder Garcia and Elder Baldwin

Zuster Tulaga and Zuster Spencer

Cookies and Chocolate..does it get any better than that?

Haake notes on the board with  Zuster Tulaga,  from New Zealand, as the Amazing Teacher!

Stopping off at Mr. Huber Stitching . A School for handicapped children.

If you want this haircut. It's the place.....

Who do we run into while grocery shopping?
Zuster Orchard and Zuster Mergenthaler!

Valentines Day Coming Up!
Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Elder Jackman

Elder Brockbank

They are happy to have their repaired bikes.

They also get their March Liahona Magazine!!!

Het Leven is Goed!
(Life is Good!)

Fijndag Verder!
(Have a Great Day!)



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